Things to do in Namche Bazaar


Namche Bazaar is charming and one of the largest towns located in the Everest Region, and is an ideal spot for trekking groups to take a break and acclimatize.

This town sits at an elevation of 3440m, allowing the body to adjust to high altitudes. Namche Bazaar is bustling with activities, making it a perfect place to explore before continuing towards the Everest Base Camp Trek. If you are planning to spend your rest day in Namche Bazaar, here are some recommendations to make the most of your time:


1:Take a hike up to the Everest viewpoint

Don't let the name "rest day" deceive you. A small hike outside Namche Bazaar offers a magnificent view of Everest and the Ama Dablam mountain range. It's not a long hike, and the breathtaking view is worth the effort. You can follow the signs towards the next village on the EBC trek from the centre of town, but at the edge of the town, take the path uphill instead.


2:Take a walk to either end of Namche Bazaar for panoramic views of the town

Take a moment to look over the colourful rooftops of the homes and lodges built into the valley. If the weather is nice, the snowy mountains in the backdrop make for a stunning view. If you can't make it to the Everest viewpoint, this is the perfect spot for a group picture with your Up Everest guide and friends.


3:Go shopping

Namche Bazaar has many trekking gear stores, snack shops, bookstores, and souvenir shops, making it an excellent place to shop for last-minute necessities. While souvenirs and books can be purchased on the way down, stock up on essentials such as toilet paper, snacks, granola bars, and warm clothes if you realize you didn't bring enough on your way up.


4:Treat yourself to a good meal and coffee

Namche Bazaar boasts an impressive number of restaurants and even bars. While Up Everest provides meals through the lodge, you can indulge in a slice of apple pie or ice cream from the town centre. There are also several bakeries, coffee shops, and even a Japanese restaurant.


5:Give the prayer wheels a spin at the Namche Bazaar Stupa

At the base of the town lies a beautiful Buddhist stupa, surrounded by prayer wheels. Take a moment to pray for good weather and safe travels to Everest Base Camp with Up Everest.


6:Visit the Sherpa Museum

Namche Bazaar is the home of the Sherpa people, and the Sherpa Museum offers insight into their culture and history. You can learn about the Sherpas' traditional lifestyle, their mountaineering achievements, and the history of mountaineering in the region.


7:Attend a prayer ceremony at the Khumjung Monastery

The Khumjung Monastery, located just a short walk from Namche Bazaar, is a beautiful and peaceful place to visit. You can attend a prayer ceremony and witness the Buddhist rituals and traditions firsthand. The monastery also offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains.


8:Relax and unwind with a massage or spa treatment

After days of trekking, a rest day in Namche Bazaar is the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself. There are several massage and spa facilities in town where you can relax and rejuvenate. A massage or spa treatment will help relieve any soreness or fatigue and prepare you for the rest of your trek.


As already mentioned Namche Bazaar is a beautiful and bustling town in the Everest Region of Nepal and the perfect place for trekkers to spend a rest day acclimatizing. And where you can spend your time with the above-listed things as well other many things with the mountain.