Waiting Favorable Weather for Mount Everest Ascent, Weather Remains a Challenge for Climbing


In the order of ascending Mount Everest, the climbers who are currently present in the observation of favorable weather are staying put. The Director of Tourism Department, Yuvaraj Khatiwada, provided information that climbers are staying put when the weather is not adverse. According to him, currently, more than 400 climbers from the Everest base camp and climbing teams have stayed in favourable weather conditions. Climbers have been practising going up to camps one, two, and three from the base camp during this time. As there is a low possibility of the weather becoming favourable in the coming days, Khatiwada said that the climbers will remain focused on practice.


So far, 467 climbers of the 43 groups have been permitted to climb Mount Everest in the spring season, including 98 women and 368 men. This is the highest number of climbers in the history of the 70-year-long Mount Everest expedition. In 2022, 323 climbers from 44 groups were permitted to climb, and in 2021, 409 climbers from 42 groups were permitted.


Suraj Aryal, an official of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation stationed at the base camp, provided information that the weather in the Mount Everest region has been deteriorating. As the weather has been deteriorating continuously for two to three days, climbers are planning to return to the base camp from the third camp. However, if the weather does not improve, they may have to return to the second camp.



News: Solufm

Image: pixabay