Increase in Mountaineering Fees, Including for Mt Everest(Sagarmatha)

The government is preparing to increase mountaineering royalties, including for Mount Everest and other Himalayan peaks. According to the Ministry of Tourism, along with the new Federal Tourism Act, amendments to the mountaineering regulations are being made, aiming to raise mountaineering royalties.


As per the Director and Spokesperson of the Department, Yuvaraj Khatri, the ongoing amendment process includes provisions for complete administrative authority over mountaineering approvals, royalty collection, regulation, and supervision. Additionally, discussions are ongoing to revise mountaineering royalties.


Presently, for Everest climbing, Nepali citizens need to pay between NPR 18,250 to 75,000 (season-dependent), while foreigners are charged between $2,750 to $11,000. Similarly, for other Himalayan peaks above 8,000 meters, Nepali climbers pay between NPR 2,500 to 10,000, and foreigners pay around $450 to $800. Peaks below 7,999 meters incur royalty as well.


The government plans to revise this royalty structure. However, the final decision requires Cabinet approval after amending the mountaineering regulations.