Establishment of Contact Office at Everest Base Camp.


The Department of Tourism has established a contact office at the Everest Base Camp to monitor the activities of mountaineers during the spring season. The office is set up at the base camp to carry out inspections of the climbing period and to monitor all activities. Previously, contact officials were stationed elsewhere, which resulted in them not being able to provide prompt assistance, such as paying allowances to climbers and verifying fake documents and photographs.


The tourism department announced that the contact office would be established at the base camp after demands were made by climbers and expedition agencies. According to the chief of the Mountaineering Section of the Department, Mr. Vijay Singh Koirela, the contact office will start functioning from April 25 with seven employees deployed to ensure organized climbing operations.


The establishment of the contact office aims to address issues such as illegal activities, disputes between climbers, traffic jams on the climbing route, rescue operations, and the absence of contact officials at the base camp. The legal provision requires that only one contact officer accompanies a mountaineer who climbs above 6,500 meters.

Source : SoluFM